9 Must-Have Apps For Interior Design

The Best Interior Design Apps

As a freelance interior designer and stylist, being tech-savvy is now a part of the job. Back in the day, be together, designers prepared means carrying heavy portfolios thick with design ideas, fabric swatches, tools to take measurements, and a lot of paper to sketch the floor plan.

Today, with the right application, you can do it all from your phone. For designers today, applications are not only helping to collect inspiring designs, but they also can handle the minutia of everyday business, helping in client communication, assist in the actual design work, and even give you a mini-marketing department. Even if you do not design for a living, this app can help you keep the following in-house project on schedule and under budget. Check out 10 of the applications that every designer needs to have in their pockets.


It should come as no great surprise that Pinterest, a giant inspiration repository with images and themes, is the right place to come up with ideas. Pinterest provides more than just visual inspiration; is also a perfect site for brainstorming your ideas with board virtual atmosphere.

You can not only make public and private boards, but you can also share with clients (or friends), and ask your clients to the pin on the same board with you. You can source images from all over the internet and through a collection of photos on your phone, you can make a huge library of inspiration.

Pinterest is a great place to start when working with clients to get a sense of their style. This is also where you can start your first step to gather images and ideas before creating floor plans and layouts in Photoshop.


In today's world, social media can act as your team of marketing, client managers, and market research, and more. With so many platforms, followers, and feeds to manage, stay on top of things can be a full time job by itself. That is where Hootsuite comes to the rescue.

Hootsuite help you schedule your blog, Twitter, Instagram, and various other social media posts in all in one place. For a small monthly fee, Hootsuite can help you plan all of your editorial content for the month. Best of all, you can read all the social media feeds in one place. Hootsuite helps keep you knows what's trending topics in social media and news so that you can create relevant content that your readers will love.


One of the biggest aspects of any interior design project is keeping track of all the tasks that need to be done. That's what makes Wunderlist as an indispensable tool for creating interactive to-do list that you can share with your clients, contractors, and the creative team.

This application will help you to organize and manage the install date, ranked by priority and task completion rates, and add sub-tasks to help break down large projects into smaller tasks. You can even add photos to any list of to-do, which will help you become clear in making specific tasks and tracking progress. You can use this app every day as a virtual clipboard to all the daily tasks that you need to check from the list before the end of the day.


If you want to work transparently with your team or clients, you must use Evernote. Hands down, this is one of the best web-based project management application around. You can use Evernote to handle tasks of daily while keeping an eye on the broad strokes of the overall project.

All members of your team can work in applications at once, and updates can be shared instantly. This application allows you to create continuous communication, yet non-intrusive, with a team with shared duties through text, reminders, checklists, photos, and more-all accessible anywhere and anytime.

Room Planner LE Home Design App

Room Planner, available in the app store for the iPhone and Android, allowing designers mock-up floor plan in 2D, and then translate it into 3D. You can experiment with the overall vision of space by adding furniture and accessories and discolored. And if that was not enough, all your work can be shared via e-mail or Facebook, allowing you to get a room mockups for your clients directly for speedy approval.

Adobe Capture CC

Be prepared to change the way you interact with your photos. Is your images provide color story? CC with Adobe Capture Your iPhone into a gateway leading you to a whole new world of inspiration. Combining four of the previous image manipulation applications Adobe into one convenient package, CC Catch will let you take any picture and extract the color palette of the image.

Do your clients want to be reminded about their trip to Thailand or surrounded by the same colors they remember from their childhood home in Greece? With this application, you can take a client or family vacation photos and transform it into the color scheme that will determine their rooms. The application takes what is going to happen a few weeks working hard to work on the desktop and it spits out a color scheme in a few minutes.

Interior Design Homestyler

If you are ready to think big to redesign the space, but you do not want to do all the heavy lifting moving furniture or buy new pieces, try Homestyler Interior Design applications. This application will help you translate a great idea for a client into an image without having to change the physical space whatsoever. Turning photos into a 3D landscape space where you can put a carpet, the position of furniture, and installing lighting, all using a 3D model of the actual product.

This application is also really shared, so you can view and comment on the work of others, and, more importantly, share your work with clients or collaborators in a short time. This application is a delight; You may find yourself playing around with it just for fun. Simply take a photo of your favorite room and let the play begin.

Zoom App

In any collaborative design project, communication is key. Zoom lets you take your video conference to the same level as in-person meetings from anywhere you have your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

With Zoom, you can create a conference that directly joinable to 25 people. During the meeting, you can set a breakout groups for discussion between certain teams, "raise your hand" in a webinar, creating the effect of a whiteboard to create a collective list, and even share your screen, photos, and files Dropbox without having to leave the conference.

Work over 3G and 4G networks and WiFi, web video communication level will allow you to work from almost anywhere while staying connected with several teams on multiple projects. So whether you are running a small team or a company's overall design, stay on top of things while maintaining freedom of movement.

Quickbooks online

This may not be the most glamorous part of the design work, but you must have a reliable application to track cash flow throughout the project, and no one is doing reliable accounting such as Quickbooks. track project budgets, log-in clock and set deadlines to ensure the payment will go out and come in time from your phone or tablet. There is probably no more important applications to ensure that your design business stays in the black.

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