The Best Place Choice 3 Bedroom Apartments for Your Life

House is essential all people needs. We know the function of a home is to shelter from rain and hot. In the modern era, people tend to choose to stay in an apartment. There are many types of apartments that usually we know, such as a bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartments, or 3 bedroom apartments. We often see an apartment in a big city, because there isn’t land to make the house.

The apartment usually for rent or sale adjust the deal. One of 3 bedroom for rent is located in the Sempione district in London. The apartments have a 115m2 complete with living room, dining room, terrace, and fully-equipped kitchen. The floor apartment looks great, and it is made from dark hardwood floors, rugs, artwork, and bookshelves to provide a cozy atmosphere. The bedroom comes with single and double bed and many storage spaces. Sempione is a district located in the countryside. Access to public transportation and shopping center easy to access. The apartment is on the 3rd floor, two bathrooms, in the first bedroom provide furnished, chest of drawers, window, couples allowed and a double bed. The second bedroom you will see there supplied, balcony, shelving, storage, skylight, couples allowed and double bed, the rooms match as the main room. And in 3rd you would provide one single bed. You can rent this apartment around 2900-3500 euro/month.

We have a recommendation 3 bedrooms apartment near me, the name of the apartment is Pondok Indah residence located in South Jakarta. The apartment available for rent and sale, the apartment provides kind of size from 80 to 179 m2, including 1 to 3 bedrooms and bathrooms, 0 or 1 maid room and bathroom. This apartment has included security, sports, and entertainment. For three bedrooms apartment, you can rent around $3000-$ 3500/month.

3 Top Cheap 3 The Bedroom Apartment in Indonesia

Indonesia is one developing country providing apartments as a choice for a place to live. 3 bedroom apartment is the most popular occupancy for a family.

The cheap 3 bedroom apartment in Indonesia

  • Apartment at Denpasar Raya street. Available to rent for around $ 1044/month

  • Apartment at prof.Dr. Satrio street. Available to rent for about $ 1471/month

  • Apartment at Senopati street available to rent for about $ 3179/month

3 bedroom apartment Boston price for rent

  • The Harbor Point on the bay Dorchester, Boston, MA. Available for at $2.100

  • Charlestown, Boston. Available to rent for around $2.450

  • Concord House south End, Boston. Available to rent for about $2.500.

Finally, after you read this article, you can use choose you to want to live in a 3 bedroom apartment for you or your family. You can choose the best apartment based on what you want, and you needed it. Don't forget to check the facility provide from the tenant and choice the tenant that should be you trusted. Thoroughly before rent, it is essential and gets a good deal.

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