A Little Creativity, Home Page Could Be a Cinema "Outdoor "

Your backyard is pretty boring? Change it to an outdoor cinema. This alternative can be chosen if you want to relax and fill your time with family or friends at home. In addition to fun, this way is also considered to be able to familiarize the atmosphere. Not only that, the equipment used can be easily transported indoors when the weather is not good enough to be seen outdoors. You also don't need to have a large garden to enjoy it, an outdoor cinema can even be enjoyed in a small yard. If you like the idea of having your own cinema park but aren't sure where to start, here are the tips:

Outdoor Cinema(The American Institute of Architects/Eric Staudenmaier Photography)
Choose the most convenient spot

Before starting to decorate your backyard, you need to pay attention to angles or spots that are convenient for everyone. Perfect angle selection starts with the available space, the number of guests, the light source, and of course the equipment you will use.

Determine distance and exposure

Once you choose the place you feel best, it is time to think about the seating arrangement as well as the distance between the screen with the seat. Also, do not forget the problem of lighting if room. When it comes time to set the mood, switch to more traditional lighting options that are gentle enough to illuminate the surroundings.

Comfortable garden Seating

Nobody really hopes to roll out plush chairs and plush sofas to watch movie nights outdoors. First, you need a chair or sofa to sit down. Also, add some floor cushions, some outdoor chairs, and maybe one or two padded chairs that can make the evening even more memorable. If possible, you can add one or two Pouf or Ottoman to the area. Don't forget to set up a comfortable mat and base. Also, provide a small table as a place for projectors and other items.

Projector and screen

One thing you must have is the projector. Projectors are the main material for your outdoor cinema, but it is also the most frightening to buy as this is the most expensive. But if you don't have it, you can rent or borrow that item for any particular time. One of the most common misunderstandings is that the projector will not be as clear as the cinema screen. Even so, the latest models are bright enough that you can see the screen even with lights on or in low light conditions. Even so, you need to put the projector at the right height according to the screen and keep the projector around safe from children or gravel. In addition to the projector, you also need a screen to capture images. For that, you can attach a white sheet of cloth or make use of a plain white wall.


The other equipment is the speaker. You can connect the speaker via a 3.5 millimeter jack to the projector or use a model with Bluetooth. The system with this subwoofer is a good value option. Keep in mind, do not forget to keep the volume so that it is not too tight and disturbing neighbors.

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